Solidarity Will Transform the World

"This book is not only a great read, it is an inspiring testimony to the human spirit."

Rev. J. Bryan Hehir
Harvard University

Solidarity Will Transform the World

Inspiring stories of hope in Jeffry Odell Korgen's book, Solidarity Will Transform the World, describe how Catholic Relief Services' beneficiaries meet the challenges of extreme poverty. The book is published by Orbis Books, 2007.

About the Book

What happens when the lives of people living in poverty around the world entwine with the lives of U.S. Catholics? In each chapter of Solidarity Will Transform the World, you will learn answers to this question through firsthand stories of hope, articulated by the low-income people that Catholic Relief Services works with around the world. In this book, you will travel to Mexico, Zambia, India, Rwanda, and Nicaragua and may find yourself transformed in the process!

Meet Mexicans and U.S. citizens who work together to promote an awareness of the brutal realities of migration across Arizona's Sonora desert and create opportunities for Mexicans to remain in their native places through apple farming, microfinance, and Fair Trade coffee.

Encounter Zambians with HIV/AIDS who, like Lazarus, have emerged from the tomb of certain death and now work to fight the disease among their countrymen.

Discover women in India whose participation in CRS "self-help groups" brought about their rise from dollar-a-day poverty, transforming gender relations in their villages and awakening new capabilities in education, disaster preparedness, public health, and politics.

Get to know both killers and survivors of the Rwandan genocide who now build peace, Hutu and Tutsi together, through forgiveness and reconciliation ministries.

Meet Nicaraguan coffee farmers, former Sandinista and former Contra, who produce coffee for CRS' Fair Trade Coffee project, fighting poverty together as they promote reconciliation after a bloody civil war.

Five countries, five projects: each a story of hope, each an answer to the question, "Who is my neighbor?"

About the Author

Jeffry KorgenJeffry Odell Korgen is the secretary of The Roundtable Association of Diocesan Social Action Directors and director of Social Ministries for the National Pastoral Life Center in New York City. He is the author of My Lord and My God: Engaging Catholics in Social Ministryand co-editor ofLiving God's Justice: Reflections and Prayers.